What does Class 1, Class 2, Class 3, Class 4, Class 5 and Class 7 mean?

Class 1 — Motorcycles (with or without side cars) up to 200cc

Class 2— All motorcycles (including Class I) (with or without side cars).

Class 3 — 3-wheeled vehicles not more than 450 kg unladen weight (excluding motor bicycles with side cars).

Class 4 — Cars, including 3-wheeled vehicles more than 450 kg unladen weight, taxis, minibuses and ambulances up to 12 passenger seats, Goods Vehicles not exceeding 3,000 kg Design Gross Weight (DGW), motor caravans and Dual Purpose Vehicles.

Class 5 — Private passenger vehicles, ambulances, motor caravans and dual purpose vehicles with 13 or more passenger seats

Class 7 — Goods vehicles over 3,000 kg up to and including 3,500 kg DGW. If a vehicle is presented with a manufacturer’s plate and a ‘Ministry plate’ the weights to be used are those on the ‘Ministry plate’.

I just had my MOT but the new details are not showing up?

It can take up to five days for MOT data to become available, when you are in the app just view your vehicles details and hit refresh, when the data is updated this will be automatically saved, if you have previously enabled notification reminders this will also be updated.

I can’t find my vehicle details?

Please note: the MOT history check  only includes cars, vans, motorcycles and minibuses and you can only get results for tests done in England, Scotland or Wales since 2005.

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