Is 4K video recording supported?
No, currently the highest resolution support is HD (1920×1080)

Why does my recording stop when I receive a phone call?
Due to the limitations of the iOS when you switch to any other app or receive a phone call recording cannot continue. The app has a feature that allows you to create a new recording when you automatically return back to the app and starts a new recording.

Is any on my data shared?
No, all your data is contained within your video or photo and is not shared to Lyzard or any other third party.

Can I make feature requests?
Yes, we would love your feedback and any suggestions to improve your experience.

Does the app work in portrait and landscape?
Yes, the app supports all orientations for recording and viewing in either landscape or portrait.

If I view my recording on any other media player will I be able to see a map of my journey?
The location data by default is embedded as time coded metadata, if your media player supports this then you would be able to view a map on playback. Most media players do not support this. The media player contained within the app supports this feature.

Can I export my location data from the video recording?
No, at present this is not possible, but we may consider this feature in future releases.

Can I share my recordings and photos to social media?
Yes, in the library section of the app, select the recording/photo and click the share button and you are able to share as you would with your photo library.

Where are my recordings/photos stored?
All of your recordings and photos are stored in your photo library, and can be viewed under Lyzard Drive Assist.

What is the speedo for?
We added a GPS speedo so that if you did not want to use the app was a dash cam you could also use is as a GPS speedo.

Will the app drain my battery?
When you start recording you will experience more battery consumption than normal and during driving we would recommend that you use a power supply from the car to reduce the impact.

Can I remove the Ads?
Yes, there is an in-app purchase from the about page that allows you to remove ads at a small cost.

Who do I contact if I have problems?
If you face any problems with the app drop us an email to