Drive Assist

Drive Assist is an iPhone application that allows you to use your iPhone as a dash cam.

Version 1.0 features include:-

  • Record Video/Audio
  • Capture photos either stand alone or during recording
  • Mute audio for recording
  • Overlay date//time of recording onto recording
  • Overlay Car registration/ID – Free text for your own description onto recording
  •  Overlay GPS position (longitude/latitude) onto recording
  • Overlay speed(MPH or KPH) onto recording
  • Use as a GPS Speed
  • All recording stored in your media library (under folder Lyzard Drive Assist) and can be synched to your iCloud
  • View all recordings
  • Ability to share one or more recordings via Airplay or any share enabled application such as Facebook, SMS, Messenger, Email etc.
  • Playback of video recordings, if location data is embedded, you are also able to view realtime location on a map
  • Embed location data into the video file
  • During recording and playback view your location on a map
  • Supports portrait and landscape orientations
  • Can be used in any vehicle such as car, van, lorry, motorcycle and bicycle
  • Options/Settings include
    • Select mph or kph speed units
    • Select volume keys to either capture photo or start/stop recording. This is useful if you have an external Bluetooth device that allows you to remotely control video/photo capture
    • Show map during recording
    • Allow the map to be semi-transparrent
    • Enter vehicle registration/ID or description
    • Show speed in view finder
    • Show date time in the view finder
    • Show GPS location data in the view finder
    • Show vehicle registration/ID or description in the view finder
    • For video recorded you are able to
      • Record audio
      • Include date time
      • Include speed
      • Include location data
      • Store location data in video file
    • Due to limitations of the platform if the app is no longer in the foreground such as answer a phone call or launching another app the recording will be stoped and saved, auto resume allows you to start recording again when the app is in the foreground
    • Autostart recording when you start to drive
    • Recording at different resolutions, low (640×480), medium (1280×720), high (1920×1080)



Available in the App Store here